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I am excited about starting to incorporate this new technology into our class resources. Please be patient with me as I learn to navigate this new technology, and please feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. Some of the features of the wiki include:

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On a personal note:
Students often ask why it is that they have to read and study literature. The rationale is essential: to build reading comprehension skills, to refine writing skills, to explore different cultures and perspectives, to introduce issues and questions that human beings have pondered for hundreds of years and to add depth to the soul (am I overreaching here?).
Another incredibly important reason to read literature is to mull over the big issues. When we read, we know that we are not alone. We discover that others have shared in some of the same feelings that we feel; they have battled with themselves or the world in some of the same ways that we have. We meet characters who have felt great moments of joy or loss. Literature can become a great friend with whom we can spend quality time.